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Memphis in Words

Friday, February 27th, 2009 by Thomas

The incredibly productive classroom project in Memphis has begun to add spoken word audio pieces to the stories about their hometown and it made our day when we listened to them.

We had been guessing that sooner or later we would have spoken word stories as part of our collection of audio recordings on the site, but now that it has happened, we are overwhelmed by how good this works! We can’t wait to hear more from the talented students in Memphis.

To find this great audio tour of Memphis you can click on any of the links above or to surf the recordings with your mouse, go to our Sounds of the World map and zoom in to the center of the United States until you see a cluster of hands with audio stories around Memphis. Turn up the volume and enjoy!


Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 by Thomas

Today MapSkip has received its 888th placemark on our map!

Our classroom user 5dbobe has posted a story about Liberty Bowl Stadium in beautiful Memphis, and that place popped up on our dashboard here at MapSkip Central as place #888 - a sure sign of future prosperity according to Chinese tradition - and here at MapSkip, we are very international about our signs of prosperity!

So thanks to ourĀ  students in Memphis for all their great stories on MapSkip, we enjoy every single one of them! And of course also thank you to all of our MapSkip users for weaving such a great network of places and stories all across the world.

Classroom Options for Teachers

Sunday, February 1st, 2009 by Thomas

We’ve added some additional explanations to the teacher section in MapSkip’s My Passport page and we thought we should maybe also blog about the various options that are now available to teachers on this site.

For teachers there are now three strategies on how to use MapSkip in the classroom:

  • Let each student create their own full MapSkip account. While this will give your students all the features of MapSkip, it will limit your ability to monitor their activity on the site.
  • Create student accounts for each student on the My Passport page in the My Students section. Advantages are easier monitoring of student stories on the site and additional options for the teacher. These student accounts are tied to the teacher’s email address and also require less personal data.
  • You can also use student accounts for groups of students if you are planning to have teams working on stories together. In that case a team of students can share one username and password.

We feel that this should give teachers and students a wide range of options to join MapSkip. We will work on several enhancements for the use of MapSkip in the classroom (enhanced teacher controls, cross-linking of student stories, etc.) and we are very interested to hear from teachers about their successes and challenges in bringing MapSkip to their students.