2012: Come Here, Smokey! by ericmckevitt in Blue Ridge, Georgia
One Winter day, my family had all agreed to visit our Grandfather in Georgia, so we started packing our belongings. I couldn't wait to get there! The next day, my anxious family and I loaded the car and started driving. Traveling took about fourteen long, boring hour, but when we pulled into my Grandpa's driveway, I knew the wait was worth it!
My Grandpa stood next to my Grandma. My Grandpa had a long container connected to a crystal clear tube that ended next to his nose. This long tube gives him oxygen. Grandma kindly invited us into her home, and my brother, Ryan, followed Grandpa upstairs to teach him about computers. " Why don't you take a walk outside? " suggested my mom, after a while of visiting. " Okay! " I excitedly answered. Soon, my brother, sister and I were a few miles from home. Then, I heard a loud sound coming from behind me. It sounded like a low pitched bark. I turned my head to see what this odd sound was, and saw a big brown hound dog. It slowly trotted over to me, and sat down next to my feet. " We should probably go home soon! " announced my brother as he turned to leave. " Yeah." I agreed. When the dog saw me leave, he sprinted along with us. When we reached home, Grandma informed us that his name is Smokey.
We played with Smokey for a while, and soon it was time to leave. We loaded our car, told Grandma, Grandpa and Smokey goodbye, and headed to our hotel. " That was so fun! " I repeated for the hundredth time. I can't wait to return to Georgia in the Summer! I will always remember going to Georgia, visiting my grandparents, and meeting Smokey!